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Who’s this event for?

Designers, developers, marketing specialists and students of IT, design, or marketing. You needn’t have a banking background or education - even mentors who are experts in other areas can direct and assist your design solution.

How do I register?

Register free for the event at www.novathon.net. Following successful registration you’ll receive a confirmation email and all the necessary organisational info.

Upon registration, it says I'm "on a waiting list". What does it mean?

It means that the maximum of available participant slots has been already reached. But it does not mean that your chance to participate is gone. Some registered participants might give up. In that case, we will invite somebody (by registration date order) from the waiting list to join.

What is a challenge? Should I choose one when registering?

A challenge is a topic around which your solution should revolve. When registering, you should pick one of the challenges, but you can always change it through your profile page until the begining of the event.

How many members can form the team?

A team can be formed by a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 5 members.

How can I create a team?

First of all, you have to register yourself and tell your team members to register as well. Shortly before the event, you'll be given the possibility to form the team. You can form the team even during the event.

What if I don't have a team, can I still participate?

If you don't have a team yet or if your team is not complete, don't dispair. You will have a chance to strengthen your team or build a new one, once Novathon #withVUB begins. Or an organizer will help you to form a team with other participants before the competition starts. Feel free to register.

Has the solution to be finished?

No, it hasn't to be totally finalized. But it cannot be only an idea (e.g. a presentation), as well. The closest term to fit the need would be "a working prototype of a key functionality" that ultimately needs to be presented to a professional jury.

Can the solution be prepared in advance?

You don't have to invent or think of the solution after the event has started, but be aware that you have to do some heavy development at Novathon #withVUB. Take advantage of the mentors and of the integration points that will be available at Novathon #withVUB, too.

What about the mentors?

The mentors are a group of well-known professionals that we'll help you on different areas. There will be no dedicated mentors for the teams. Instead, all of them will be ready to help each of you.

Will there be provided any sample integration API?

Yes, there will be some sample banking API (payments, etc.) and some sample big financial data set. Open data (API) will be provided for contestants until 17th September 2018.

What should I bring?

Your own device (computer, tablet, etc.) to work on - electricity and internet will be provided.

Will refreshments be provided?

Full refreshments will be provided for participants throughout the event.

How can I get there?

The event takes place at STYLA in Bratislava - at Shopping Palace, Zlaté piesky. Driving? There‘s plenty of free parking. Coming by public transport? Tram 4 (Shopping Palace stop – five-min walk to event). Coming from the main bus or train station? Catch tram 4 at Trnavské mýto.

Will any accommodation be provided?

For foreign participants we will book accommodation for the night before the event 05 - 06 October 2018.
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Thank you very much for your interest in Novathon #withVUB. We hope to see you at the future editions of this event!