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Does the solution have to be finished?

No, it does not need to be fully finished. But also it cannot be only an idea (e.g. a presentation). It has to be finished to the phase that you can present your idea. The closest term to fit the need would be "a working prototype of a key functionallity".

Can we prepare a solution in advance?

You can prepare some starting point, but be aware that you will want to do some heavy development at Novathon #withPBZ, too. This is because you will be influenced by mentors and because some integration points will be available at Novathon #withPBZ.

Upon registration, it says I'm "on a waiting list". What does it mean?

It means that we have already reached the maximum of available participant slots (180). But it does not mean that your chance to participate is lost. Some registered participants will give up, for sure. In that case, we will invite somebody (by registration date order) from the waiting list to join.

How many members can form the team?

3-5 people.

During the registration process on the website, I cannot form a team. Why?

The registration process on the website is personal, so every participant has to register on his/her own. You will create your team before the event.

Can we name our team?

Sure, at Novathon #withPBZ, before the event.

What if I don't have a team, can I still participate?

Yes. Feel free to register. An organizer will help you to form a team with other participants before the competition starts.

Who will be our mentor?

Teams will not have one dedicated mentor. Instead, you will be able to communicate with all mentors, depending on your needs and their skills.

Will the organizer provide any sample integration API?

Yes, there will be some sample banking API (payments, etc.) and some sample big financial data set. APIs won't be published in advance, but at the beginning of the event.

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