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Novathon #withVUB REGULATION

  1. Introduction and objectives of the contest

    Všeobecná úverová banka, a.s., Identification No. 31 320 155, VAT number: SK7020000207, Mlynskè nivy 1, 829 90 Bratislava 25, Slovakia(“VUB”), a company belonging toIntesa Sanpaolo banking group, is organising an application development contest for responsive, mobile and branch banking services , in the form of a 24 hour non-stop marathon ("Novathon #withVUB" or the "Contest"). For the purposes of this regulation ("Regulation”), VUB will be also referred to as the "Organiser”. Web designers, developers, marketing specialists and college/university students are invited to team-up and participate in creating, designing and building concepts, prototypes, web responsive, tools, IT solutions or interactive mock-ups of mobile device applications("APP"). The main objective of Novathon #withVUB is to sustain the culture of innovation in the area of digital banking, offering to the Participants (as defined below) the opportunity of sharing their knowledge
  2. Date and place of Novathon #withVUB

    Novathon #withVUB will take place on6 and 7 October 2018 at Team Up,Studená 4/B (OC STYLA), 821 04, Bratislava, Slovakia. Should there be any impediments of technical, organisational or any other nature, VUB reserves the right to change the venue, the dates and/or the time of the Contest, giving notice, in due time, to all interested persons via the dedicated website, www.novathon.net(the "Website"). The exact program of the Contest will be communicated via the Website and will be also displayed at the Contest’s venue.
  3. Eligible participants, registration, admission and participation

    Novathon #withVUB is open to those interested in innovation and technology, in presenting an idea or an interesting project which will be developed in accordance with the provisions set out herein. The Contest targets working professionals and college/university students in the following fields:
    • IT development;
    • web design;
    • marketing.
    Participation to the Contest is subject to the following terms and conditions. Participants who may participate in the Novathon #withVUB contest are natural persons who are at least 18 years old, are fluent in English language, have registered themselves for such purpose via the Website and expressly accepted this Regulation along with information notice about data processing in relation to the Contest(provisions on the privacy and personal data protection) by ticking the related box displayed on Website, and, if further confirmed, by duly filling in and signing the paper-based registration form on the Contest date and at the Contest venue. In order to be registered in Novathon #withVUB each applicant shall represent that his/her personal and professional information provided during the registration process are true, actual and accurate and shall unconditionally accept all Contest related decisions made by the Organiser. After registration, each selected applicant ("Selected Applicant") will receive, within 5 (five)working days of their registration date, an email from the Organiser, confirming the registration and informing about the next steps. In case a Confirmed Applicant quits Novathon #withVUB before the Contest date, he/she will be replaced by another applicant based on the chronological order of registrations on the Website. Without prejudice to the eligibility criteria and being qualified as a Confirmed Applicant, in order to effectively take part in the Contest, the Confirmed Applicants shall also be physically present on the date and at the venue of the Contest (the "Participants”). All employees/board members of VUB, VUB group companies and, in general, of any further company belonging to Intesa Sanpaolo banking group are excluded from participation in Novathon #withVUB.
  4. Participation Rules

    • In order to have the right to participate in Novathon #withVUB, each applicant must register between12:00 amof 18 June 2018and 12:00 am of 30 September 2018 by filling in the online registration form available on the Website, providing all required personal data. The Organiser reserves the right to change the duration and deadlines of the registration period, in which case a specific announcement will be posted on the Website in due time.
    • Participation in Novathon #withVUB implies working in groups composed of minimum 3 (three) and maximum 5(five)Participants – being Confirmed Applicants -(the "Team"). The Organiser reserves the right to change the maximum number of Participants in which case a specific announcement will be posted on the Website in due time. Upon reaching the maximum number of Participants, applicants can continue registering in the Waiting List. The Organiser, reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to confirm them as Participants, in a second moment.
    • Each applicant will be entitled to indicate, during the registration phase, other member(s) he/she wants to team up with and topics he/she would like to deal with in the Contest, remaining in any case understood that the Organiser will evaluate the topic proposals and in its own discretion will decide whether to accept them or not.
    • The Teams shall be multidisciplinary and contain at least 1 (one) IT developer and 1 (one) web designer; Teams will be assisted by mentors attributed by the Organiser.
    • The Organiser reserves the right to team up each individual applicant.
    • Each Team shall be identified by a name chosen by the respective Team members. The names chosen should in no way make any reference to companies, brands, trademarks, etc., nor should contain any expressions of violence, discrimination, obscenities and/or defamation, punishable, pursuant to this Regulation, with the exclusion of the respective Team from the Contest; the Organiser shall have no liability for the breach of this provision by any Team member and each Participant expressly authorises the Organiser to provide the holder(s) of any such violated intellectual property rights with his/her personal data, if so requested by the latter. The jury (see Section 7 below) reserves the right to punish, at its absolute and sole discretion, the breach of this provision by any Team member with the exclusion of the respective Team from the Contest.
    • Forgery, incompleteness or inaccuracy of the data provided during the registration phase, even if pertaining to a single Team member will trigger the automatic exclusion of the entire Team from the Contest.
    • The composition of the Teams cannot be modified during the Contest, unless in the opinion of the Organiser there are grounded reasons for such modification.
    • It is mandatory that all Participants be present at the awards ceremony, save for the cases of justifiable reasons.
    • The Teams shall not present any APP previously submitted in other contests; furthermore, each Participant commits not to present or use in the Contest any other APP (whether registered or not) over which a third party has intellectual property rights. The Organiser shall have no liability for the breach of this provision by any Team member and each Participant expressly authorises the Organiser to provide the holder(s) of any such violated intellectual property rights with their personal data, if so requested by the latter. The jury reserves the right to punish, at its absolute and sole discretion, the breach of this provision by any Team member with the exclusion of the respective Team from the Contest. The Organiser does not assume any responsibility regarding (i) any potential inaccuracy of any information provided in relation to the Contest and (ii) any possible violation of rights of third persons that may be caused by participation or any action of the Participant in this competition; for the sake of clarity, in case of request of third parties to be compensated for any possible damage, the damage shall be borne by the Participant
    • By accepting this Regulation and by participating to the Contest, each Participant undertakes to: (i) use the Website, as well as any documents or equipment provided by the Organiser, for the entire duration of the Contest, with utmost care and diligence, (ii) keep confidential and not disclose any information acquired from the Organiser during the Contest, without any time limits and to fully comply with all the instructions given by the same in view of protecting the security of the acquired information, (iii) strictly observe and comply with all security and conduct regulations foreseen by the same and (iv) be liable for any direct damage and cost arising out as a result of or caused due to the breach thereof.
    • Each Participant acknowledges that his/her participation in the Contest does not trigger any right to receive compensation, for any reason and with any title whatsoever and/or reimbursement of any expenses. For the avoidance of doubt, each applicant expressly acknowledges and accepts that the Awards (see Section 8 below) (i) do not qualify as consideration for his/her participation in the Contest and (ii) are attributed within the sole and absolute discretion of the jury.
  5. Application development topics

    The Teams shall develop, within the 24(twenty four)-hour non-stop marathon, an APPrelating to the following topics:
    • Al for banking
    • Biometrics for security
    • Hasslefree Experience
    • Open banking & PSD2
    • Solutions for Legal Entities
    • Personal Finance Management
  6. Development Platform

    The APP shall be developed for one of the following platforms:
    • iOS
    • Android
    • web responsive.
    The Organiser will provide free wi-fi access to all Participants. Participants shall use their own personal equipment(pc/device/software) in order to design, create and develop the APP. The Participants will be the only responsible persons for the observance of intellectual property rights, and any similar rights related to the hardware and software brought and utilized during the Contest. The Organiser may grant Participants access to and allow them to use a playground environment, including data to be used to design, create and develop the APP.
  7. The jury – Composition and evaluation procedure

    The APPs developed by the Teams during the Contest will be evaluated by a qualified jury. The members of the jury will be introduced at the beginning of the Contest. All the jury members have in-depth experience in the area of high technology and innovation. The jury will evaluate each APP and will exclusively and incontestably judge, on the basis of the criteria and relevant weights as follows:
    Criteria Weights
    Innovation [30%]
    User Experience [30%]
    Graphic Design [5%]
    Pertinence to the selected subject [20%]
    Technical aspects [15%]
    The jury will assess the APP of each Team by giving them grades scaled from 1 (one) to 5 (five) for each criterion. The final result that determines the Team’s positioning in the Contest is a weighted average of grades given for each criterion. The Teams will be ranked based on the scores calculatedin accordance to the criteria above stated applied to each APP. The 3 (three)Teams obtaining the highest scores will be declared as winners of Novathon #withVUB. The assignment of grades and therefore the choice of the winning Teams will be final, incontestable and in the exclusive discretion of the jury. The names of the winning Teams and their respective members will be published on the Website
  8. Awards

    The winning Teams will be awarded by the jury with cash prizes, as follows: First place – 10.000EUR (ten-thousand Euros) Second place – 5.000EUR(five-thousand Euros) Third place – 3.000EUR (three-thousand Euros) (cash prize offered by VISA.) The above mentioned amounts are gross and include all taxes, fees, contributions, charges, costs, customs duties, levies of any nature that are due by the Participants belonging to the winning Team, as well as by the party giving the awards, in accordance with applicable legislation. The total cash prize awarded to each winning Team will be divided equally amongst all Team members; the cash prizes will be credited within 4 (four) weeks after the awards ceremony(the Organiser may extend this term for technical reasons) to the respective bank accounts opened by the winners for such purpose with VUB. The opening of the mentioned bank accounts and the issuance of the respective cards have to be intended as conditions precedent for the winning Team members to have access to the cash prizes. As well as the above prizes - and depending on the level of performance and cooperation of winning teams - VUB reserves the right to award additional prizes at its own discretion, and: to conclude a contract with the selected team, subject to the selected team’s obligation to develop and deliver a VUB prototype solution based on the concept presented as part of the Novathon event. Such contract will represent continued cooperation with the selected team to create a solution/functionality applicable for VUB clients. For the development and delivery of the solution’s functional prototype, VÚB will award the selected team a contract valued at EUR 20,000 (twenty thousand euros). Each participant notes that winnings from bets and games are not enforceable under the Slovak law. The awards ceremony will take place on7October2018 at Team Up, Studená 4/B (OC STYLA), 821 04, Bratislava, Slovakia. with the aim to communicate the names of the winning Teams. During the awards ceremony each of the winning Teams will designate a member (Team leader) who will have a 5 (five) minute session to publicly present the APP.
  9. Intellectual property, copyright, Preemption rights, Liability, Privacy

    By completing the registration phase of Novathon #withVUB, (and by submitting the paper-based registration personally signed) each applicant expressly:
    • Declares that the APP to be designed, created, developed and presented within the Contest will be original and not violate in any way – neither fully, nor partially – third party intellectual or industrial property rights and, in particular, will not violate the Copyright and Related Rights Act.
    • Represents that the APP will be designed, created and developed by the respective Team within the Contest, bearing the obligation and the responsibility to safeguard the APP’s intellectual propertyrights through the means offered by the applicable law;
    • Agrees to release, discharge and hold harmless the Organiser and any company belonging to Intesa Sanpaolo banking group, as well as their employees, officers, directors, representatives, agents and partners from any claims, losses and/or damages arising out of his/her participation in the Contest and/or any related activities, as well as any claims, losses and/or damages arising out in relation to the acceptance and use, misuse or possession of the APP (or any part thereof) and awards
    • Acknowledges and accepts that any publication of the APP made by the Organiser on the Website, on other public websites or social media networks will result in its visibility to the public and that the Organiser will not bear any responsibility in case of use and/or misuse of the APP, of its underlying concept and/or possible development and realization of such underlying concept from anyone who found out about it through public websites and social media networks, and undertakes to hold harmless the Organiser against any claim for damages and/or compensation for whatever right, cause and/or reason;
    • Agrees that any statement on and any presentation of any APP or any part thereof designed, created and developed during the Contest qualifies as a presentation/disclosure of such APP to the public by the respective Team/Team member, being understood that the role of VUB is strictly limited to hosting the Contest. The Organiser shall have no liability of any kind whatsoever for such presentation and for the use by any person, starting with the presentation/disclosure date, of any idea, concept, solution, etc. related to such APP or any part thereof;
    • Grants the Organiser the right to disclose to the public (in marketing and promotional materials) the APP, any part thereof and any other materials protected by intellectual property rights that the Teams presented or used in the Contest and which are recorded in photos and videos taken during the Contest;
    • Grants VUB or any company belonging to Intesa Sanpaolo banking group a preemption right with respect to third parties, on equal terms, in case of possible commercial development of the APP or any part thereof. VUB or any company belonging to Intesa Sanpaolo banking group will exercise its preemption right within the period mentioned in the relevant Team’s written proposal, which shall in no case be less than 60 (sixty) days from its receipt. If VUB or any company belonging to Intesa Sanpaolo banking group does not exercise the preemption right within the given period, the relevant Team will have the right to enter into property rights transfer deeds with third parties based on terms equal to those offered to VUB or to any company belonging to Intesa Sanpaolo banking group, having no longer any commitment towards them; in any case, it remains understood that the non-observance/breach of such preemption right by the relevant Team gives the right to VUB or any company belonging to Intesa Sanpaolo banking group to take any legal measures it deems appropriate and to seek indemnification for any and all damages incurred in connection with, or as result of such non-observance/breach.
    • Authorises the Organiser to process his/her personal data (including his/her identification data filled in the registration form and the photos and videos taken of him/her during the Contest) for all the purposes relating to the Contest, in accordance with the European Regulation 2016/679 (the “GDPR“).
  10. Privacy and consents

    By registering in Novathon #withVUB and accepting this Regulation, each applicant grants its consent to the Organiser, on a voluntary basis, to:
    • process his/her personal data provided during the registration phase or during the Contest (including, in particular, the data included in the registration form and the photos and videos taken of him/her during the Contest), to transfer such data to theSlovakianagencies which assist the Organiser in the organisation of the Contest, as well as to Intesa Sanpaolo banking group companieswithin EU and to use such data for communication purposes (including, inter alia, the publication thereof on the Website, on the Organiser’s website or in materials, publications and magazines describing or promoting the Contest), for a period of 5 (five) years; and
    • Disclose to the public, without any limitation in terms of territory or time (including on the Website, on the Organiser’s/Intesa Sanpaolo S.p.A.'s website or in materials, publications and magazines describing or promoting the Contest), any record of or reference to the APP and other materials protected by intellectual property rights that the Teams presented or used in the Contest and which are recorded in photos and videos taken of him/her during the Contest; the applicant represents and warrants that he/she has the right to grant such right to the Organiser
    Each applicant may request information from the Organiser, at any time, about his/her personal data processed, and may exsercise the data subject rights set forth in the GDPR, e.g. theright to rectification, to restriction of processing, and to erasure such data. Furthermore, the applicant may also object to the processing of his/her personal data processed by the Organiser or may otherwise revoke his/her consent to such data processing, by way of email sent to novathonwithvub@vub.sk. The candidate is entitled to claim any alleged breach from the Organizer of data protection applicable laws before the relevant courts or authorities in charge of personal data and privacy protection (i.e. national Data Protection Agency).
  11. Final Provisions

    Each applicant acknowledges and agrees that this Regulation are subject to and governed by Slovakan law and that any dispute may arise in connection with the Contest and related activities as well as with this Regulation shall be resolved exclusively by Slovakian courts. Each applicant expressly agrees: (i) to be bound by this Regulation; (ii) that the decisions of the jury under paragraph 7 abovewill be final and unquestionable; and (iii) that the Organiser may use the APP developed by the Teams in any advertising materials relating to the Contest and its subsequent editions (if applicable), without compensation to or approval by the relevant Team or relevant Participants.
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