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1st Place

Idea: Idea: Let's Pay
Challenge: Challenge: Smart Payments

Let's Pay is a collaborative solution for smart, social and group payments consisting of 3 products: an open API for third party transaction notification system, DOT for wearable transactions, SPOT which is an NFC sticker for easier transaction sharing.

  • Boris Tomaš Denis Pavlović David Ante Macan Božidar Labaš Mario Novoselec

2nd Place

Idea: Idea: Auradiate
Challenge: Challenge: Smart Payments

Location-based marketing solution for street performers, buskers, music players, exhibitors, MCs and other creative individuals who are able to share information about themselves with their audience through their mobile phone and the members of the audience can decide to donate money to these performers via their phone. The solution is based on Google web, it doesn’t require an application.

  • Sasa Vuksic Nikola Kumek Jurica Martinčević Martinčević Luka Mikolaj

3rd Place

Idea: Idea: Bankrush
Challenge: Challenge: Smart Payments

A multi-banking app that allows users to aggregate and manage their different bank accounts and cards in one unique place. By using the app users can easily get micro-loans, transfer money and make instant payments using different cards. Banks can analyse the collected data.

  • Fabio Bottan Cesare de Cal Matteo Bombasini Lorenzo Avello

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